The Quick (and Neat!) Method to Wrap String Round a Spool

A spool of nylon string can be utilized for a lot of issues — normal crafting, fishing and searching, and laying mason strains.

When used for masonry, it’s one of many easiest quickest and most correct methods to create a superbly straight line.

That’s why a spool of nylon string is commonly offered as mason’s line — as a result of brick masons use it to get good straight brick partitions. 

The string is simple to unwind off the spool, nevertheless it’s not as simple to get again on after you’ve used it.

Winding it by hand again onto the spool can result in tangles and uneven distribution. And finally, you’ve received an unusable mess that you need to minimize up.

Drill holding a spool of mason line/nylon string by a screw inserted into the handle
Utilizing an influence drill to wrap nylon string round a spool will velocity up the method and reduce the probability of tangles. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

Right here’s a significantly better, and quicker, resolution:

Take a screw and drive it by way of the tip of the plastic housing that the spool is on. Then, chuck it right into a drill. 

Activate the drill to the bottom setting, and similar to that, now you can use the ability of the drill to place the road again on the spool. 

It solely takes just a few seconds to wind the nylon string again onto the spool!

As you’re winding up the nylon string, slowly transfer it backwards and forwards alongside the spool.

This manner, you don’t overload one facet or the opposite, and the string winds up neatly each time.

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