Why Is My Bathroom Overflowing? A House owner’s Nightmare – The way to Deal with It

💧 Bathroom Overflowing? Right here’s What To Do!

An overflowing rest room can come out of nowhere. At some point, after flushing, your rest room can be refilling as normal, and also you’ll assume nothing of it – to date, so good.

However how the bathroom refills don’t matter.

It’s when it stops.

Quickly sufficient, you notice it’s persevering with even longer than regular till… you’ve obtained an overflow!

We’ll clarify what’s inflicting your rest room to overflow and how one can repair the issue with just a few widespread instruments and slightly elbow grease.

💧 What Causes A Bathroom To Overflow?

An overflowing rest room is nearly at all times attributable to a clog someplace down the road, be it in the bathroom drain or the sewer line.

When you’ve a clogged drain, no matter goes down can’t proceed down the drain pipe.

So as an alternative of happening the drain, the water is pressured again up and out of the bathroom bowl.

Okay then, a clogged drain results in a bathroom overflowing.

However what causes this clog within the first place?

❌ Utilizing Too A lot Bathroom Paper

puppy with toilet paper

It’s not only a matter of non-public choice.

The quantity of bathroom paper you flush has an actual affect on the state of your drains.

When an excessive amount of rest room paper is flushed at a time, it might simply get caught within the drain.

And as extra paper and waste are flushed down, the better the bathroom clog will proceed to develop.

To keep away from a clogged rest room, it is best to look to be conservative with the quantity you utilize.

Although it relies upon from individual to individual, you probably don’t want to make use of greater than 10 sheets at a time, particularly if in case you have smaller pipes which might be extra prone to clogging.

❌ Flushing Non-Flushable Objects

old toilet

Irrespective of the scenario, it is best to keep away from utilizing your rest room to eradicate non-toilet waste, or you can simply run into clogs.

Bathrooms are solely designed to deal with rest room paper and human waste.

Attempt to flush the rest, and your system received’t be capable of handle it.

If you’ll want to eliminate any non-flushable gadgets, corresponding to female merchandise, cotton balls, diapers, flushable wipes (sure, we stated it! They’re not truly flushable), or natural supplies like meals waste, cooking grease, or pet waste, it is best to use your regular bins.

❌ Sewer Line Blockages

sewer line clearing

You’re more likely to have a clog in case your sewer line is blocked at any level.

We talked about earlier that the clog could possibly be at any level within the sewer line.

It could possibly be just under the bathroom, at your septic tank (if in case you have one), and even within the sewers themselves.

Because of this, the reason for the clog could possibly be very far down your system and out of your management.

It’s best to verify along with your native municipality to see if there are any recognized blockages in your space.

❌ Blocked Vent Pipe

plumbing vent stacks

The factor that’s accountable for your rest room overflowing won’t be your drain however your system’s vent pipe.

Simply as your rest room has pipes that go down the sewer line, it additionally has vents.

These launch the gases produced by waste because it breaks down and passes via.

If something blocks these vents, then the gases received’t have anyplace to flee.

This will trigger your rest room to cease working and result in a vacuum forming within the drain pipe, which might significantly injury your plumbing system.

💧 The way to Cease An Overflowing Bathroom

🧰 Shut Off The Bathroom’s Water Provide

toilet water supply hose

Earlier than doing something, your first step needs to be to show off the water provide.

That is for fairly apparent causes.

In case your rest room is overflowing, persevering with to produce it can result in extra difficulties and overflow.

There are a few completely different steps to turning off the water provide.

To start out with, you’ll have to find and shut off your rest room’s shut-off valve, which might be discovered close to the place the bathroom tank connects to the wall.

When you’ve handled the shut-off valve, you’ll want to take away the bathroom tank cowl.

Inside it is best to discover the float ball, which seems to be like what it seems like: a ball—or perhaps extra like a rubber egg.

You’ll have a contemporary rest room with a fill valve as an alternative of a ball, however the precept stays the identical.

The float ball must be lifted as excessive as it might go.

By making certain your float ball stays there, your system thinks the bathroom is full, and shortly sufficient, the water stops working.

🧰 Take away Extra Water From The Bathroom Bowl

Full toilet bowl

Now that your rest room’s water provide is turned off, extra water received’t run via your system.

Nevertheless, all the surplus water created by the overflow remains to be there.

A very powerful factor to deal with first is the realm surrounding the bathroom.

It’s best to clear up all of the water spillage on the lavatory flooring with a towel or a mop, ensuring to not go away any mould attracting standing water.

Now it’s time to work with the bathroom itself.

To get the water degree of your rest room bowl to a workable level, you’ll have to take away a few of the rest room water.

Utilizing gloves, rigorously take away the water from the bathroom bowl with a small container and pour it right into a bucket.

You’ll solely have to take away water as much as the midway level of the bowl so that you just received’t want too massive a bucket.

🧰 Use a Plunger To Clear The Clog

Female plumber with a plunger

All of the preliminary work is completed, so it’s lastly time for motion.

Nicely, practically all of the preliminary work. Earlier than you begin, we advocate placing on a pair of rubber gloves.

The rubber gloves will defend your fingers from splinters and cease them from getting soiled.

Place your rest room plunger straight over the drain and press firmly to create an hermetic seal.

With this seal in place, repeatedly push the plunger up and down round 15 to twenty occasions.

If all goes to plan, the strain created by the seal needs to be sufficient to clear your clog and cease your rest room from overflowing sooner or later.

🧰 Take into account a Drain Snake

Toilet drain snake

If a plunger isn’t sufficient to clear your clog, you would possibly want a extra highly effective resolution.

A drain snake, often known as a plumbing snake or a bathroom auger, is a tool that makes use of a protracted cable to take care of clogs.

This cable, which has a pointed finish, is slowly moved down your pipe and clears no matter lies in its path.

Drain snakes can be utilized to clear even the nastiest clog.

There may be an exception, nevertheless: if in case you have a septic tank, you’ll want knowledgeable plumber to flush your system.

In any other case, you run a powerful threat of damaging your septic tank and your septic system.

You could find drain snakes at your native ironmongery store like Lowes or Residence Depot.

If you happen to solely want to make use of it as soon as, you’re a lot better off renting it and returning it when you’re carried out.

💧 Remaining Ideas

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There are just a few classes to be realized from rest room overflows.

If you flush the bathroom, flush correctly by solely flushing flushable gadgets.

Additionally, guarantee your pipes and vents are unobstructed, otherwise you’ll should take care of a real inconvenience.

When you’ve got a bathroom overflow downside and desire a extra high-tech resolution than baking soda and sizzling water, your finest wager is to get Phyxter Residence Companies on the job.

Phyxter gives professional plumbing companies in quite a lot of areas throughout North America.

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